Dermot Somers gives talks about his many experiences – as a member of the Irish Everest Expedition, his travels through the Himalayas and the Alps and his experience and understanding of Ireland's own landscapes. You can find out about a few of Dermot's talks below.

Climbing and Mountaineering talks with Dermot Somers

Climbing and Mountaineering

Topics range from Hillwalking in Ireland to the Eiger North Face; from El Capitan to Himalayan expeditions; Alpinism: The 6 Great North Faces, the Central Pillar of Freney.

History and Mythology Talk with Dermot Somers

History, Mythology and the Sense of Place: ‘An Táin’ in the modern Irish landscape.’

This talk follows the army of Queen Medb across Ireland from Roscommon (where Dermot was born) to the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth. The Iron-Age cattle-raid, with its campsites and battlefields, its river-fords, warriors and heroes, comes to life. The hiding-place of the Brown Bull is revealed in a little valley in the Cooleys.

Ideal for schools and history-groups!

Repo Man Talk with Dermot Somers

‘From Lough Crew to the ends of the earth.’

A look at monuments and myths from Irish hilltops to Buddhist temples and lakes, with a conclusion in an Australian city…

Dermot Somers on trekking the Sahara

‘L’Arbre du Ténéré: The most Remote Tree in the World’

Dermot gives this talk on travel and history in the Sahara.

Dermot Somers in the Himalayas

Nomadic Journeys

Stories and images from Dermot’s personal experience of remote cultures and extreme landscapes – Reindeer-herding in Arctic Siberia, Salt-trading in the Sahara, Spring migration in the mountains of Iran, Across the Himalayas with the Yaks (and children!) of Dolpo – ideal for schools!

Leopold McClintock Talk with Dermot Somers

History of Arctic Exploration: ‘Leopold McClintock and the Lost Expedition’

Francis Leopold McClintock (1819-1907) was born in Dundalk, Co. Louth. An Arctic explorer, he became famous as the Discoverer of the Fate of Franklin and rose to the rank of Admiral in the British Royal Navy.

Lord Franklin’s North-West Passage expedition (1845-48) disappeared in the Arctic with the loss of 129 men. This talk deals with their tragic and grisly fate, as revealed by McClintock, John Rae and others.

Dermot Somers in Australia

History of Australian Exploration: ‘To the Dig-Tree…’

A talk tracing the journey of Irishman Robert O’Hara Burke south to north across Australia (1860-61). Burke’s tragic expedition achieved the first crossing of the continent (by Europeans!).

Fatal errors of leadership occurred. Burke’s own fate was sealed when he reached his depot at the famous Dig-Tree in the centre of Australia nine hours too late. His support party had abandoned it that morning after waiting four months for his return.

Ideal for schools and history-groups…